Beginner Package

This is the smallest package with .22 Caliber guns, this is ideal for people who doesn’t feel like trying big guns for the first time.

Caliber strenghts

9mm Package

This package contains the standard European pistol caliber weapons plus one bonus .45 Caliber gun, the famous Thompson!

Caliber strenghts

Basic Package

This package has the calibers worth trying for a first time shooter. The Pump-Action shotguns are always shot at the end of the group shooting so don’t be afraid, We didn’t forget it!

Caliber strenghts

Small calibers Package


This package contains basic pistol calibers that are mostly used, including 2 carbines.

Caliber strenghts

Pistol Package

With this package you can try all standard pistol calibers and the famous Desert Eagle too!

Caliber strenghts

Abundance Package

If you choose this package you will have the “must try” category weapons with a good amount of shots. 

Caliber strenghts

Tough Guy Package

This is a package for more brave people, it contains really big calibers! You will definitely enjoy this one!

Caliber strenghts

World War 2 Package

This package is our most powerful one. It contains weapons straight from the world war and they are all real strenght calibers! This is our most expensive package, but it’s totally worth the price! This package shows best what collection we have at Bunker Shooting!

Caliber strenghts

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